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The City at Eye Level Asia Book Launch


The City at Eye Level Asia Book Launch

Dec 06, 2020

After over a year of work, The City at Eye Level Asia launched their book on Asian Cities on October 27, 2020, with a short presentation of insights from the book. The book launch marked the successful conclusion of over a year of planning, which culminated in a placemaking conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2019.

Between a Foreword by Hamdan Abdul Majeed and an Epilogue by Jeffrey Hou, the reader will find 43 cases, equally spread in over 15 countries throughout Asia, written by practitioners for practitioners bringing urban planning and city design into the streets, balconies and open spaces of cities. The book includes sections that will be useful to educators, students, lecturers, of architects, history, and artists with an intent to make better cities for living in:

  • The Basics
  • Turning Underused Spaces into Places
  • Creativity as a Driving Force
  • Reimagining History
  • Towards Place-led Development
  • Finding the Balance of Inclusivity
  • Sustaining our Cities Together

We share our congratulations to STIPO and Think City, for sustaining the long-term collaborative effort that has enriched the work of many other groups in the present and future.

The City at Eye Level Asia is an open-source project and book, a response to the increasing demand from Asian urban practitioners for case studies on creating great cities at eye level, suitable to their local context. For the City at Eye Level we turn streets and areas into places where people feel at home and want to stay (placemaking), enhance quality of public space and plinths, together with the community. Our method combines use, design and organisation (software, hardware and orgware). Because of the unprecedented growth in the recent decade in Asian cities, there is more need than ever for clever and creative planning solutions and better design principles. The book will adopt urban challenges particular to the Asian-Pacific context, which impact the preconditions for achieving a better city at eye level who translate to a themes framework of the book. Download the document to read more about the themes. The book will be curated together with Think City (Malaysia) and Urban Discovery (Hong Kong) as core partners, international organisations like UN-Habitat, Isocarp, IIAS, Project for Public Spaces and Bernard van Leer Foundation as network partners.


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