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Our People

Rita Padawangi

is an Associate Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences. Equipped with research spanning over the sociology of architecture and participatory urban development, Dr. Padawangi has directed various research projects in cities of Southeast Asia. With her commitment to social activism in the built environment she remains connected with community groups and practitioners in the region.


Paul Rabé

has a background in urban management and political science. This, paired with almost 25 years of experience on advisory and institutional development assignments in the socio-economic development field, has aided in major areas of substantive focus within the field of land including governance, spatial planning, housing and poverty reduction. With a particular focus on urban land management, Dr. Rabé has worked extensively on institutional development assignments, in capacity building and training, broadening his experience as Team Leader. Supervising multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams, at the national, policy development level and implementation level, alongside local authorities and communities.


Jennifer Ang Mei Sze

renowned author and Associate Professor at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. Her book Sartre and the Moral Limits of War and Terrorism on ethics at the Centre of University Core, highlights humanitarian interventions, evil and forgiveness, and ethics of war and revolutions, among others. At present, her research examines the ethics of smart cities and ethics in AI decision-making.