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Manila: Bottom-up resilience? Civil society responses under COVID-19


Manila: Bottom-up resilience? Civil society responses under COVID-19

Jan 20, 2021

Tessa Guazon participated in the webinar “Bottom-Up Resilience? Civil Society Responses under COVID-19 (Part I)” by the APRU on bottom-up resilience in July, and wrote about the Manila team’s relief efforts for its women partners from Escolta for the LSE Blog.

“There is an unprecedented loss of livelihood, with informal workers and daily wage earners suffering greatly. For our women research partners from Escolta, Manila and other vulnerable sectors, the struggle to make a living was magnified a thousandfold during the pandemic.”

Tessa Maria Guazon, an educator at the Department of Art Studies at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Read more about the team’s work, and the food relief networks in Metro Manila at the LSE blog

The webinar is available here:


During the COVID-19 crisis, community self-help and mutual support have become critical to the survival of many individuals, lending a lifeline to some of the most vulnerable populations in our society. In contrast to the government or institutional responses, they represent the agency and ability of the civil society groups to mobilize in times of crisis—a process that has proven to be effective in other disaster scenarios. As the first of a two-part series, this webinar brings together researchers and organizers from Hong Kong, Manila, Melbourne, Shanghai, and Singapore to highlight exemplary efforts in the respective locations. Through short presentations followed by a roundtable discussion, the session explores what these efforts have in common and how they respond to specific social and institutional contexts. It further examines the implications of the civil society efforts during COVID-19 for long-term social resilience in the Pacific Rim. This webinar is organized by APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Hub and the Pacific Rim Community Design Network. For more information about the webinar and speakers, please visit https://www.apruplus.org/july-7-webinar