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Excursion Chiang Mai_22jul17 SEANNET (2017-2020) is a four-year initiative research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge on Asia through the prism of the city and urban communities. The SEANNET is being funded by Henry Luce Foundation (New York, NY). The program supports the development of contextualized knowledge on the spatio-human environment of neighborhoods in select Southeast Asian cities. It plans to do so through participative field-research, in site policy roundtables, local capacity building exercises, academic conferences, publications, documentary films and web-supported interactive syllabi. This micro-local framework of scholarly and civic engagement, what we are calling a neighborhood network, aims to generate alternative, generalizable paradigms on cities. Interventions through a sequential set of activities would involve interdisciplinary, trans-sectorial (i.e. challenge sectoral boundaries such as housing, transportation and infrastructures) and multi-scalar (local-local, local-global) expert and practitioner exchanges for deployment in academic programs as well as by actors on the ground. The other ambition of the program is to shape and empower a community of early career scholars and practitioners working on and/or from Southeast Asia who will contribute to the growing body of humanistically informed knowledge on Asian cities. Organized as a platform of individuals and institutions under IIAS’s coordination, the program will be connected to the Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) – a transnational network of 17 Asian, European and North American universities and academies initiated by IIAS. Contact us

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